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Amcoss GmbH is an international hight-tech company in the field of semiconductor and microsystem technology. The austrian company which is based in Feldkirch/Vorarlberg develops and manufactures platform-based and modular processing equipment for the machining of so-called wafers, which in the end are used to produce microchips with complex processes. The experts of amcoss GmbH collaborate beyond their value creation with strong and specialized partners among others with Carbon Components GmbH & Co. KG in order to design high-grade solutions.

„For the manufacture of semiconductors in the area of wafer handling we use carbon fiber as raw material for our gripper units, so-called „end-effectors“ for many years. The high stiffness as well as the low coefficient for thermal expansion allows highest precision and accuracy for the handling of wafers. With Carbon Components GmbH & Co. KG as our long-term Partner we appreciate their reliability and speed when it comes to demand for CFRP (carbon fiber reinforce plastics) parts – a crucial factor for our offering for repair services to our customers.“

Ing. David Marcel Erne
Owner and CEO amcoss GmbH, Feldkirch/Austria

Carbon Components Referenzen Amcoss
Carbon Components Referenzen Amcoss

amcossGmbH, Feldkirch

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