Medical technology

molab GmbH

Molab GmbH, a medical technology manufacturer, designs and distributes individual and adjusted to the customer needs light weight wheel chairs for various application cases. Carbon fiber with its lightness and high stability is a perfect material to design a product where every gram counts. Side parts, footplates or specific attachment parts will be engineered individually and manufactured by Carbon Components GmbH & Co. KG from semi-finished carbon fiber composites.

Unique people have special demands. Especially children are forced to contend with every gram additional weight they have to carry around with their accessory day by day. By consistently applying carbon fiber parts from Carbon Components GmbH & Co. KG the custom made wheel chairs and other individual equipment from molab GmbH have approx. 40% less weight compared to other suppliers. Carbon fiber side parts and footplates results in a weight savings around 4kg. We value the reliability and long years of cooperation with Carbon Components GmbH & Co. KG very much. Their special possibilities to react towards our specific needs is just outstanding and a key factor for the satisfaction of our customers.“

Thorsten Brandt (CEO) & Tim Lüblinghoff (Design&Engineering)
molab GmbH, Unna/Germany