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Carbon fiber has many outstanding characteristics. We help you to turn your ideas and designs into reality.

We are proud of our realized projects and would like you to benefit from our experience and the technical features of carbon fiber.

We would like to help you to make your product more powerful, efficient and sustainable for your individual use case.

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Carbon Components

About us

Carbon Components GmbH & Co. KG was established from Benjamin and Stefan Specht in 2008 as sole proprietorship SBS CNC Technik and has changed to GmbH & Co. KG in 2013. The brand „carbon components“ characterises our alignment and focus on manufacturing of products made from fiber reinforced composite material since the beginning.

Carbon fiber, as a material for the future, accounts the majority of our services. With our own specifically developed technology for the machining of fiber reinforced plastics we enable the access to the benefits of carbon fiber for our partner and customers benefiting from the technical charactericstis especially in the fields of machine engineering, medical, media and measurement technology.

We always take care of the relationship and partnership with our long-term customers, which value our expertise for processing and transformation of fiber reinforced composites. But we also ensure delivery reliability and highest quality which is essential for the the value chain of our customers.

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is our strength

We focus on carbon fiber – The machining, processing and transformation of semi-finished products made from carbon fiber reinforced plastics is our strength.

Single parts up to 2.200 x 900 mm are often not unusual. Customer specific post processing (thread inserts, part assembly through adhesives, …) enables ready-for-assembly modules according to our customers designs and satisfies with outstanding technical characteristics towards alternative materials like aluminum or common plastics material.

If carbon fiber doesn’t fit for your application case we also support you with alternative options for fiber reinforced plastics like glass fiber, aramid fiber or sandwich layer structures.

We take care of a

local value creation

Confidence and reliability are fundamentally important along the entire value-chain in order to operate sustainable and meet the customer needs appropriate. Our partner and supplier primary produce in Germany which makes us efficient and dependable in our offering.

Exactly this is the same we want to pass on to our customers as a partner for carbon fiber components, prove our capabilities of supplier reliability also in difficult times.

We are your

flexible partner

Innovation requires agility and flexibility. We support you with rapid delivery of sample parts in the phase of product design and development as well as individual and flexible batch sizes. We ensure a efficient value creation always close to the needs and market demandss